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In a Dialogic Mode
(Deloria & Friends Talk)


The Lady friends:

"Now Deloria

we know you 37 going on 67

& that sweet sweetback of yrs

aint even 40

but it don't make no never mind

all of us know you think you fine.

& we younger than you

but we wasnt born last night, you know.

What you say

if we say we saw Arletta coming

out your house last night

after you left for the AA meet?"

What you say for yourself, girl?"

Deloria's talkback:

"Girl , I got up on this one .

Now lemme tell you...

I know you wasnt born last night

& I know that heifer snuck to my house

said she wanted to fix his hair

& he let her in, he let that so & so in

my house

but girls, lemme tell you,

I ain't no pushover, you know that.

If you act like a rug you get stomped on

for shure.

But to my mind it's like this:

Honey, let me just tell you,

Deloria just plain too old to kill.

You hear me!  Just too old to kill..."

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